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Please visit for tips and videos on safe riding.

Safety Tips - below, an excerpt from Bicycling Magazine:

Stay Safe in Traffic

Continue below to learn about tips and techniques that will help you thrive on any road.
By Alex Stieda

Hook your thumbs
Always wrap your thumbs around the handlebar, instead of laying them across the top. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a rider go down after his hands were jarred off the bar when he hit a bump. Also, please no aero riding on busy streets. Save it for when you're on a smooth road with few cars.

Stay steady
Looking behind you without swerving is an essential skill. For new riders, simply glancing back with your hands on the brake hoods may work, but this method often causes the bar to turn in the direction you're looking. This way is better:

To look left, move your right hand toward the center of the handlebar near the stem, and then drop your left hand off the bar as you turn your head to look back. Track racers use this technique when doing a Madison relay change. Watch the Madison at the Olympics this year--magic bike handling. Keep your upper body relaxed the entire time and practice, ideally in an empty parking lot with lines you can follow.

Don't keep secrets
When you drive, you use turn signals, and your car has brake lights. As you ride, try to think of what drivers will see as they drive up behind you. Use hand signals to indicate where you intend to go. At intersections, make eye contact with drivers to ensure that they see you. Also, for future goodwill, wave a thank-you when you're given the right of way.

Alex Stieda, the first North American to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, with 7-Eleven in 1986, leads tours and skills camps (

Help Keep Our Pathways Clean & Safe

When we ride on HHI's pathways, we can be the town’s eyes and ears for pathways’ safety and debris conditions.  All members should program into their cell phones the number (843) 342-4580, which is the Town of HHI Facilities Management Help Desk. If there is a condition to report, identify who you are (a KABC member is OK), the condition, specifically where it is and when the call was made (if it goes to voicemail). The town does respond to these calls and it will help keep our pathways clean, safe and free of debris.

Stay Safe with a Road ID!

You’ve no doubt seen some KABC members wearing a Road ID bracelet. It’s a great idea and worth your consideration. The ID can be found at Use this code for free shipping if you order something: EBFC97B3.

Bike Safety - Use of Hand Signals

Did you know the use of hand signals is required of bicyclists making a turn or stop? It's the law! Our South Carolina Bicycle Law (Article 27) is a model for other states. Here is an excerpt of the law relating to hand signals and a link to the entire bike law:

South Carolina Bicycle Laws - Article 27:
SECTION 56-5-3480. This section describes the use of hand signals.

(A)(1) A bicyclist shall indicate a right turn by extending the left arm upward, by raising the left arm to the square, or by extending the right arm horizontally to the right.

(2) A bicyclist shall indicate a left turn by extending the left arm horizontally.

(3) A bicyclist shall indicate stopping or decreasing speed by extending the left arm or the right arm downward.

(B) A bicyclist is not required to give signals provided for in subsection (A) continuously if the hand or arm is needed to control the bicycle.
(C) A violation of this section is punishable by a fine of twenty-five dollars.

SC Bicycle Law:

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