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All KABC rides are for Members Only, unless otherwise indicated.  We welcome new members at any time.  Go to the Membership Page for more information.

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What group do I belong in?

KABC rides are organized by groups, with each group having a preferred ride distance and “Pace Speed”.  Pace Speed is just the speed at which the group rides on flat ground with little wind for an extended period of time.  Put another way, it’s the speed that a rider needs to be able to maintain to keep up with the group.

The B+, Upper B, and Lower B groups ride in a paceline.  Riders that register for a B group ride may be split into Upper B and Lower B groups at the start of the ride, depending on the number and abilities of riders present for that ride.

The C+, C, and Social groups will have a ride leader that leads the entire ride.
If you are a new rider, we recommend you ride a level down for your first ride then assess what your preferred group might be.

For riders that may be looking to move between groups (or move between the B groups), we offer a “ride buddy” program.   A rider can request a ride buddy for a ride from the group coordinator when they register for that week’s ride.  They will then be assigned a rider in that higher group to ride with them that week to answer any questions, and ensure that they are not left alone during the ride.

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Helmets required on all rides.  Riders will agree to the Liability Waiver, the Covid-19 Waiver and the Ride and Safety Etiquette Guidelines each time they register.

Click Here to access the KABC Ride and Safety Guidelines Document.


You must be 18 to be a member.


Class 1 Pedal Assist two-wheeled bicycles are allowed on KABC C and Social Saturday Rides only when indicated as such on the website ride schedule.  Class 2 and 3 E-Bikes are not allowed on any KABC rides.


(From the National Council of State Legislatures)

Class 1 electric bicycle

A bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches the speed of 20 miles per hour.

(South Carolina Bike Law from the Palmetto Cycling Coalition)

SECTION 56-1-10 (29) This section defines an e-bike.    
Electric-assist bicycles" and "bicycles with helper motors" means low-speed electrically assisted bicycles with two or three wheels, each having fully operable pedals and an electric motor of no more than 750 watts, or one horsepower, and a top motor-powered speed of less than 20 miles an hour when operated by a rider weighing 175 pounds on a paved level surface, that meet the requirements of the Federal Consumer Product Code provided in 16 C.F.R., Part 1512, and that operate in a manner such that the electric motor disengages or ceases to function when their brakes are applied or the rider stops pedaling. Manufacturers and distributors of electric-assist bicycles shall apply a label that is affixed permanently, in a prominent location, to each electric-assist bicycle, indicating its wattage and maximum electrically assisted speed. The owner or user of an electric-assist bicycle shall not remove or tamper with the label. If a user tampers with or modifies an electric-assist bicycle, changing the speed capability, he must replace the label indicating the vehicle's wattage or horsepower.


When the weather looks bad, the Ride Director will consult with the Ride Coordinators that morning.  If we decide to cancel the ride, we will send out a ride cancellation text to registered riders and post the cancellation of the Ride Schedule Page approximately 90 minutes before the ride start.  If there is no text or website post, the ride is on. 

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We ride every Saturday.  Riders should arrive 15 minutes early to gear up and start on time.

In the event of a change or inclement weather, registered riders will be notified by text approximately 90 minutes prior to a Saturday Ride and the information will be posted on the website Ride Schedule Page.

Start times vary throughout the year as follows:

December 1-February 28: B+/B Groups, 9:00am; C+/C and Social Groups, 10:00am

March 1-May 31: 9:00am (all groups)

June 1-September 30: B+/B Groups, 7:30am; C+/C and Social Groups, 8:00am

October 1-November 30: 9:00am (all groups)

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